A Complete Guide on How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper?

How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper? Writing abstract, introduction and conclusion is not an easy task. It is difficult and time consuming work. But investing time in writing these section is extremely important. Reading and understanding the whole research paper is a very time consuming process. But by reading the abstract and conclusion of the paper, the reader can decide whether the research paper is of his interest or not. So writing these sections in the research paper effectively and efficiently is extremely significant.
How to Write an Conclusion for a Research Paper?
Fig 1. About conclusion

What is a Conclusion?

  • Conclusion is the last section of the research paper.
  • It analyses and summarizes the complete research paper.
  • It explains the significance of all main statement and results.
  • It helps the reading authors to understand why your research paper is of interest to them.
  • It briefly explains the future scope of the research work.

Why to Write a Conclusion?

  • Basically it saves the time of the reader to go through conclusion of paper and draw the major points being discussed in the paper and decide whether the research paper is worth time invest or not.
  • It gives an idea to readers for having an understanding of future prediction/ scope related to that area.
  • Sometimes it also gives the information related to merits and demerits related to research work.

When to Write a Conclusion?

It is suggested by most of the researchers to write the conclusion for the research paper at the last before writing abstract, when the research paper is completed. The completion of research paper means that the sections like 'proposed methodology', 'results and discussion', 'literature survey', and 'introduction' are completely written. When these sections analyses all results in all perspective then that is the perfect time to write a conclusion. 

How to Write a Conclusion? (Follow this order while writing Conclusion)

  1. Restate your topic: You don''t need to repeat the research paper title word by word, instead you need to briefly summarize the topic in two to three lines. Try to be every specific in doing so.
  2. Restate your thesis statement: After briefly summarizing your topic, you need to restate your thesis statement and try to connect the topic with the thesis statement.
  3. Sum up the most important points of your research paper: The author needs to summarize all the principal components of the research paper. 
  4. Discuss the significance of your important points: Here you need to explain how those principal components of the research paper helped in achieving the objective of the whole work.
  5. Indicate the practical application of your research work (OPTIONAL BUT IMPORTANT): After discussing the major points and their significance, author needs to discuss the practical implementation of the research work. The research related to real world applications are significant.
  6. Mention limitations of your research work: Don't hesitate to mention the limitation or pitfalls of your research work. It helps in giving direction to the new researchers to overcome those limitations.
  7. Include future scope (MANDATORY): An effective conclusion  includes future scope. It helps in giving direction to the new researchers to test those areas.

Basic Points to Remember

  • Use simple and clear language.
  • Compact content required. Do not explain too much.
  • Try to keep discussion of each section in brief.
  • Keep things together.
  • Avoid senseless statements. Add logic.
  • Do not begin with the statements like "In conclusion" or "In summary".
  • Do not add any new information which is not being discussed in the research paper.
  • No change of tone. The language tone of the paper should be changed any where. 
  • Do not express any apologetic sorry or any concerns about the results.
  • Try to make final statement that matches the objective of the research work.

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