Multi-focus Image Fusion

Multi-focus Image FusionMulti-focus image fusion is a technique that gathers all the needful and vital information from two or more multi-focused images. These images have non-identical focus depths. These images are fused to produce a final high-quality image that ideally has all the necessary information than the input images.
Multi-focus image fusion
  1. Image fusion is the process of collecting all the useful information from the degraded input images and creating one fused image from them. This fused image is more informative than the input images.
  2. The applications of multi-focus image fusion are usually seen in the visual sensor network (VSN).
  3. The application areas of VSN involves surveillance, tracking, and environmental monitoring. The main area of application of multi-focus image fusion is surveillance.
  4. Fig 1 and 2 explain the working of multi-focus image fusion in VSN.
Working of Multi-focus Image Fusion in VSN
  1. In the application of surveillance, VSN is applied that handles all the imagery data that is connected to one central computer system that performs multi-focus image fusion.
  2. There are multiple cameras capturing images and video sequences that are connected in the VSN with dissimilar focal length. 
  3. The cameras that are connected to the VSN are of dissimilar focal length. The VSN has one central computer system that processes these captured images all together.
  4. The camera with a high focal length captures the high-quality images of far distant objects. In these images, the near distant objects are blurred.
  5. The cameras with low focal length capture the high-quality images of near distant objects. In these images, the far distant objects are blurred.
  6. Let say, there are two cameras i.e. C1 and C2 with focal lengths L1 and L2 respectively. If (L1>L2), then C1 is capable of capturing high distant objects of an image. And C2 is capable of capturing nearer distant objects of the image as shown in Fig 1.
  7. All the captured images are sent to the central computer system connected to the VSN as shown in Fig 2.
  8. The central computer system has a  multi-focus image fusion technique inbuilt in it, using which it processes all the recorded images. This technique in the central computer system extracts the important and useful information from these input images and creates one output fused image that ideally contains all the necessary details of all the input images.
  9. The processing of the central computer system in VSN, multi-focus image fusion and its real application is discussed in the article "A New Multi-Focus Image Fusion Technique for an Efficient Surveillance".

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