Research topics: Computer Science Engineering

Research Topics: Computer Science Engineering

  1. Stock market prediction using machine learning.
  2. Attacks on Cloud Storage.
  3. Supervised Learning Algorithms.
  4. Unsupervised Learning Algorithms.
  5. Reinforcement learning.
  6. Development of Recommender system.
  7. Multi-focus Image fusion.
  8. Image Segmentation.
  9. Sentiment Analysis.
  10. Image denoising of MRI images.
  11. Image denoising of CT scan images.
  12. Attacks on Cloud Computation.
  13. Image denoising of Ultrasound images.
  14. Digital Image denoising using Wavelet transform.
  15. Digital Image denoising using the Concept of Method Noise.
  16. Multi-modal image fusion.
  17. SAR image despeckling.
  18. Image quality Assessment metrics with reference indexes.
  19. Image quality Assessment metrics without reference indexes.
  20. Web Security.
  21. Various analysis methods of Big data.
  22. Blockchain.
  23. 5G wireless system.
  24. Cloud storage: Merits & Demerits.
  25. Maintaining the quality of service in the internet of Things.
  26. Automated scheme for the number plate detection in image processing.
  27. Image compression.
  28. Digital Image watermarking.
  29. Plant disease detection in image processing.
  30. Analysis of service models of cloud computing.
  31. Domain-based knowledge acquisition and text mining.
  32. Machine learning methods for semantic integration.
  33. Privacy in e-Health.
  34. Cryptography.
  35. Encryption and Decryption.
  36. Textural and Feature analysis in Image.
  37. Face spoof detection in image processing.
  38. Secure protocol for an interactive knowledge-based system.
  39. Pattern Measurement.
  40. Image Recognition.
  41. Importance of usability in human-computer interactions.
  42. Neuron networks.
  43. Limits of communication and computation.
  44. Data Security.
  45. Quantum computing and state if it’s the future of computing.

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