What is Image Denoising ?

WHAT IS IMAGE DENOISING. Image denoising is a process of recovering an original image from the noisy image using some denoising method/ filter. Noise in the image is the high frequency component that is the random variation in the pixel values of the image.

  1. Image is collection of pixels. It is a representation of a scene.
  2. Denoise consists of two words i.e. De = eliminate and Noise = random signal that degrades most parts of the image.
  3. Image denoising can be defined as a process of eliminating any kind of random degradation from the image.
  4. It is one of the most researched area of the image processing.
  5. Noise degrades the image quality which makes the image difficult to interpret.
  6. In general, the noise in the image can be of any types i.e. blurring, random disturbance of intensity values etc. Any abrupt disturbance in the intensity values is called noise.
  7. Image denoising is a challenging task. Because before removing the noise from the image, it is important to understand the type of noise/ pattern of noise disturbance in the image and based on this noise pattern, the image denoising method is applied/designed.
  8. The noise pattern/ noise type means that there are basically two types of noise i.e. additive and multiplicative in nature.
  9. And based on these noise types the specified image denoising method is implied.

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