What is Method Noise?

1. The concept of method noise is specifically used in the field of image denoising/ image restoration. Nowadays this concept is also being used in image fusion also.
2. The technique of method noise used is mainly used as a post-processing step.
3. Method noise is a scheme that is used to recover/ restore the unprocessed/ unfiltered components of the filtered image.
4. The effective results of method noise are mainly seen in the area of image restoration. It can be of any field of this area i.e. SAR image despeckling, Medical image denoising, Digital image denoising, etc.
5. The effective working of method noise is highly dependent on the denoising technique used in the method noise process. If the denoising technique used in the method noise is effective then the denoising results are brilliant but if the denoising technique used in the method noise is not much effective then there will be no improvement in the final results.
6. Working procedure of method noise: The below-shown flowchart explains how to implement method noise as a post-processing phase.
7. Explanation of the above flowchart:
a) D is the speckled image. D is the denoised image being degraded by speckle noise.
b) Despeckling algorithm (denoising method) is applied to the D to eliminate speckle noise from the D image.
c) E image is the despeckled image. It is obtained by applying the Despeckling algorithm (denoising method).
d) E1 = D - E. The despeckled image E is subtracted from the D (Speckled image). This is done to obtain the remaining unfiltered part of D which still holds some information. E1 is the residual component that holds some information and requires further filtering. 
e) An efficient despeckling method should be applied to E1 to get the best results. If this denoising technique is effective then there will be a good improvement in the results otherwise the use of method noise will be wasted, therefore the denoising technique used in the method noise should be best. After applying an efficient despeckling method to E1, E2 is achieved.
f) E2 holds important and filtered information.
g) Now perform addition i.e. E3 = E2 + E. Add E2 (filtered method noise) and E (previous denoising result). The E3 image will show much better results than E.

The effectiveness of E3 over E can be tested by calculating various image quality checking metrics like PSNR, SSIM, UIQI, etc.

The below shown paper list shows the effective implementation and use of method noise in the field of image denoising and image fusion.

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