Different Types of SAR | Strip mapping Mode SAR | Spotlight Mode SAR | Inverse SAR (ISAR)

SAR imaging is divided into the following types on the basis of the nature of the application:

Strip mapping Mode SAR

The traditional SAR image processing is based on the strip mapping mode as shown in Figure 1(a). This mode is used when the large terrain is to be captured. Here the terrain data is acquired without staring at any particular location. Heavy computation is required. In this SAR mode, a large unit of backscattered energy is bounced back and received by the antenna, which takes more computation time for handling this much data.

Spotlight Mode SAR

The flying SAR system stares at an exact a scene typically on the ground as shown in Figure 1(b). It captures small terrain area than strip mapping mode hence requires less computation cost.  It captures multiple SAR images of same spot of the terrain to get the more accurate data. Here multiple SAR images are captured within a time interval of seconds. Since the area of the captured region is not large, so the amount of reflected energy received by the antenna is not much. Due to this, the computational time is less.

                                                 (a)                                (b)

Figure 1. Types of SAR (a) Stripmap SAR (b) Spotlight SAR


Spotlight mode is used in the applications where lower mapping, low processing time and low cost is the need. This mapping is heavily used by fighter aircraft to keep inform the navigation system by tracing the recognized landmarks.

Inverse SAR (ISAR)

Inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) is a radar technique that uses the radar imaging concept to create a 2D-high resolution image of a target. It is analogous to traditional SAR, except that ISAR technology uses the movement of the target rather than the emitter to create the synthetic aperture. ISAR is mainly used for capturing or mapping the moving or rotating targets. The ISAR is critically used in the war application like the movement of aircrafts and ships.

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