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Journal of Interconnection Networks (IF: 0.15): Special Issue on Mobile Big Data Management and Innovative Applications

Topics of Interest: (Contributions are sought in (but are not limited to) the following topics)

Mobile big data computing in healthcare application

Data analysis of social networking platform using mobile big data

Research challenges and opportunities towards mobile big data management and processing

Mobile big data research analytics for data-driven wireless technology

Deep learning-based mobile big data analysis

Smart society model through mobile big data with cloud-fog framework

Network intelligence model using mobile big data

Mobile big data-based human mobility pattern prediction using ML and DL approaches

Research towards privacy and security model for mobile big data technology

Mobile Big data analytics for human dynamics and threat detection in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)

Privacy-preserving and context-aware strategy for mobile big data processing in cloud environment

Security threats for mobile big data and their solution

June 30, 2022

Call for Abstracts: Futuristic Sensor Data Processing Technologies for Point of Care Applications

List of key themes

Soft computing through sensor data

i-sensors for high energy physics (HEP) research

Homeland security using data fusion sensors

Sensors in FLASH Radiotherapy and beam monitoring

Modern sensors for CT Image slicing

Spatially fractionated sensors

Data exchange sensors

Fast response monitoring using sensors

Patient planning and remote monitoring using biosensors

Radioactive materials detecting

Medical Radiography

Sensors in machine learning and artificial intelligence

Signal and data sensing techniques

Health and safety aspects by means of sensor systems

Closes: 10 Mar 2022

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Uncertainty in Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence

An indicative list of anticipated themes

Quantum computing services for machine learning

Hybrid Quantum algorithms

Migration of AI towards Quantum computing

Quantum computing service for deep learning

Optimized real-time systems using AI

Security and privacy using Quantum AI

Quantum AI for IoT

Futuristic neural network architectures

Quantum simulator for complex algorithms

New generation blockchain technologies

Quantum computing for healthcare informatics

Quantum communication and networking

Advanced cyber security systems

Rapid big data analytics

Paper Submission Deadline: 28.02.2022

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Hyperscale Computing Techniques in Capsule Networks for Computer Vision Applications

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Examination of genomic design using CapsNet

Capsules to perform genomic pattern analysis

CapsNet based face recognition techniques

Big data implications of complex networks

CapsNet to meet emerging machine vision challenges

Capsules to test and evaluate the computer vision-based research

Capsules for energy compaction and preimage analysis

VLSI layout design for Network on Chip (NoC)

Capsules for image reconstruction and transformation encoding

Visual descriptors for texture recognition

Compilation of dynamic routing algorithm for biomedical research

Cancer analysis using CapsNet architecture

Computer vision-based parameters retrieval using CapsNet

CapsNet and machine vision-based proteomics

Network security and privacy algorithms

Soft computing techniques for neural network architectures

Submission Deadline: December 1, 2022

Intelligence of Edges in Green Pervasive Computing and Communications

Potential topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:  

Energy harvesting and wireless power transfer for green IoT

Green IoT applications and services.

Low-Power Localand Wide-Area Networks (e.g., LoRa, SigFox, 6LowPAN, NB-LTE, LTE-M)

Energy-efficient technologies for Green pervasive communication

Green switching and routing technologies

Energy-efficient data centres, storage, edge computing, and cloud computing

Sensors for sustainable communication

Green pervasive communication architecture for 5G/6G networks

Security and privacy for green pervasive communication technologies

Green wireline communications and networking

Energy-efficient scheduling and resource management

Artificial intelligence for green pervasive communication

Blockchain in green pervasive communication and computing

Green pervasive communication for cyber physical systems

Closes: 05 Aug 2022

Special Issue: Call for Papers: Digital Twin Enabled Neural Networks Architecture Management for Sustainable Computing

The potential topics of interest include but are not limited to the following cutting-edge contributions:

 Power aware scheduling and allocation models

 Semantic clustering and classification architectures

 Machine learning with generative adversarial networks

 Intelligent system architectures for healthcare management

 Heuristic neural network algorithms

 Computer vision and speech understanding

 Advanced genetic algorithm/Fuzzy systems models

 Sustainable soft computing theory and applications

 Hybrid system for image and video processing

 Multi layered architectures for biomedical engineering

 Pattern recognition

 Hybrid signal processing network architectures

 Biological neural network modelling and simulation

 Sustainable complex fuzzy systems

 Advanced neural network approach for cloud computing

 Optimized distributed memory systems

Call for Papers: Privacy and Security for Internet of Things

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for privacy and security in IoT

Edge/Fog computing for privacy and security in IoT

Big data analytics for privacy and security in IoT

Federated learning for privacy and security in IoT

Blockchain for privacy and security in IoT

Intrusion detection and prevention systems for IoT

Securing physical devices in IoT

Submission of manuscript deadline: February 15, 2022

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